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Hank continues to be subjected to the known damages caused by extended kennelling despite a contested dangerous dog declaration by his family and ongoing appeals after a grossly unfair seizure and unjustified pursuit of a destruction order. This much loved, gentle giant with so many supporters is heartbreakingly wasting away behind bars. HANK HAS NOW BEEN IMPOUNDED LIKE THIS FOR 8 MONTHS and risks destruction at any moment by a malfeasant council department.

To continue to keep Hank incarcerated is a cruel and unusual punishment.

Moreton Bay Regional Council is not required to destroy Hank by the AM Act. The only sensible course of action here is for them to reinstate the approved conditions for him to remain with his family and send him home.  Or, at the very least, urgently return to the mediation that was occurring in December 2017 where negotiations were successfully progressing to a positive conclusion before they too were cruelly withdrawn at the last minute.  With all things considered, surely common sense, humane treatment, decency and fairness should prevail.

What Hank’s Family Asks

  • Moreton Bay Regional Council to permit RSPCA Dakabin to allow urgent access and contact with Hank by their vet to independently assess his current condition and provide necessary treatment or failing that, RSPCA Qld to review their complicity as a matter of priority; and
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council to allow immediate relaxation of the unreasonable visiting hour limitations in place for them to include access on weekends, and as frequently as they are able to attend or failing that, RSPCA Qld to review their complicity as a matter of priority; and
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council to reinstate the original conditions as allowed and approved prior to his seizure on 23 May 2017, allowing him to promptly and without unnecessary delay to return home; and
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council to commit to a review of their internal processes and policies in relation its staff and representatives’ training, compliance and administration of the AM Act. And, to further review accordingly any associated Local Laws, in conjunction with consultation of the local Community and respective animal welfare bodies which is an issue relevant to all pet owners.

Please do not waste a moment in supporting Hank

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Hank-cLet’s not allow Hank to waste away and be forgotten but instead be his voice and the voice for other innocents.